About Skyline

One day in the early 1990s Director Shaun Hunt attended a trade show for window cleaners. One of the main attractions at the show was a demonstration of abseiling as an innovative method of getting to the workplace safely. Shaun says "I have a natural fear of heights and this is something I have had to overcome in order to do my job. Up until this point I had worked out of cradles and cherry pickers and wasn't too keen on either.

One of the things that struck me about the abseiling demonstration was the use of a double rope system and the explanation that each line was capable of suspending a medium sized family car and there were two lines! It wasn’t a difficult decision... Rope Access was the way forward for me!

Also, at that time, one of my clients was spending thousands of pounds to clean a particular building that had no method of accessing it other than with a very large cherry picker. The cost and disruption that this was causing was prohibitive and the building really wasn't getting the care it required. I quickly realised that abseiling was the solution. I embarked on a long journey to convert the company into the specialists we are today and I am pleased to say we still clean that particular building to this day by Rope Access".

At that time, abseiling was relatively new to the workplace. Our forward thinking clients soon realised that far from being "high risk" as is the common perception, working to the high standards laid down by the Industrial Rope Access Trade Association (IRATA), it was a very safe method (this has been proven beyond doubt over the years) and as we were able to quickly access parts of buildings that other trades struggled to reach, we were soon inundated to carry out all sorts of jobs at height.